Friday, November 13, 2009

Yep...there's more!!

Now what could this be? On the left of the table is the makings of our Guilds mystery quilt that has now been postponed until Feb next year! Drats! I'll have to put it in an another basket. I like baskets and cart lots of things around in them!! But the pieces in the foreground....well they're for a table runner that we have to make for our Christmas break up...and yelp.... that's real soon!! So it's on to this one and the poor dining room tables will have to be left just as they in progress!! I must away to bed... Have fun dear and enjoy life.... Rainbow smiles... Gloria


  1. I havent even started the runner yet!!!...Talk about 'yikes' !!!!!
    XXX Wendy 'o)

  2. Hi Gloria :)

    You've been busy!! What beautiful quilts you make :)



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