Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well I should have waited for the weekend....but this was too good to wait really must go over to Canton Village Quilt Works. Jackie is sharing a whole heap of wonderful really must not miss out!
Rainbow smiles...Gloria

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is how the cute "little" pink baby has turned out so far! I am so proud of her....I designed her, using a pic from a mag, and I poured over the calculations, to get her just so.....but when it came to actually sewing her together from the very complicated pattern....I found that I really had forgotten to work out the length!! she is a very looong baby and just may have to become wider than I had thought....just to balance out her length. But hey....that's the fun of making things...right? To see more pics from our weekend...check out Wendy B's -!! Hers was much more manageable and soooo pretty! Well dear readers I must off and iron something for work in the morning...yes one must work if they wish to purchase materials....and threads....and well, you know....
Rainbow smiles to you all...Gloria

Well here I official blogger, at last! Well it didn't take that long to make....well maybe half the day and into the night! Just kidding!! And I have learned to download my photos from the camera onto the computer! So there!! I think I could be become a "learned gentleman"...well "woman" any time soon!! To start me off...I've popped a piccie of the 19 strips that went in to make my bargello quilt last weekend! Our quilting group had a glorious weekend creating bargello masterpieces! And this is the start of mine.....