Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday 2 Nov...November all ready!! I meant to write this last night...but ah..well. Here is what I have been working on this week. Our patchwork and quilting club [and any other hand crafts] have had this round robin of adding borders to a central block. This is my last one...and of course it is due this Saturday!! I have been dithering as it is for the delectable Sandy, who does such beautiful work...and I wanted to make a really good job of it! I have tried to try out a new technique for each quilt that I have worked on!! Sometimes with quite disasterous results....and the darling Sandy has helped me out. I used absolutely the wrong material for making bias strips on one and they sprung about everywhere....and had me pulling my hair out and wailing...I can tell you. But the lovely Sandy came to the rescue. So as not to give too much away... I have just shown part of the border that I am working on. Of course I didn't think to measure the sides and work out if the little blocks would fit...I relied on blind faith to get me there...and guess what 17 fit perfectly along the side!! Yahooo..... now of course I want the colours that I sat and put painstakingly [Sandy's hand died coloured ones.....I told you she's a whizz....didn't I?]. Anyway I have now cut out 19 for the bottom, and another 17 to go up the other side. And yes I have them in the order so although I will work down from the top...the colours will really go up from the bottom!! Yeah I know....I can sometimes do it!! Wahooo....and now all I need to do is cut the last 19 for the top... and of course get them on. I kept telling myself that the pressure was on and they had to be done by today....that way I shouldn't have to sit up Friday night finishing it off!! Well I'm off to sneak a little more stitches in....and I'll show the whole quilt top next week!! Yayy...I love it when it all comes together!! Rainbow smiles :] and cheeky grins to you .... Gloria

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  1. OOO're a whizz....looks beewwwww-diful!!! Told you you were more talented than you give yourself credit for!!!
    Cant wait for the reveal on Saturday!
    huge sugary hugs
    Wendy 'o)


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