Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday 24 November .... the story continues ...

This is my first ever quilt.... started long before I went to Quilters Guild.... and then I found out that you don't do some things..... The Quilt Police would have hauled me away... I left the selvedges on and had a merry old time. The material was two cushion cover sets that I had purchased many moons ago and they were in the pinky colour and the blue. Don't ask me why??? I guess I liked them both. But not as cushions obviously.. lol .... there they were languishing away .. until I decieded that I was going to become.... A QUILTER!! Then these little ones shone as the first attempt.... and then they languished in the
background as I wove my way through lots of others that the quilt police would approve of!! But now I have decided that my babies that are resting will be allowed out to play, and so there number is being called. So the oldest is out first! Of course being me.... I had to go right off with the first one and hand quilt it!!!!!!!! Silly me !!!!
I've shown you a little of the quilting..... it's squidgy close in some areas. What was I thinking of, you ask, dear reader??? I asked as well, when it took sooooooooo long!

Now last Saturday .... when I really should have been fininshing off the "Purple Monster", you know that it has to be backed and quilted ready to hand over in a couple of weeks ....well I think it's 2.... ooooh .... I hope it's 2 !!! Yikes I had better check some time!! Anyway... I thought well before I spread the purp... out, I'll just run around the edge of this baby and pop the binding on ... and hey presto.... finished!! Well .... no..... on eof the gurus [much more experience and such a

delightful help], informed me that I needed to quilt the border before I cut anything off and the binding would have to get in line as well!!!! Ohhhh my .... well there was no way that this was going to be a hand quilted job I can tell you. So here is what I did!! Lovely waves around the whole blessed thing..... and then more lovely waves back the other way .... almost around the whole thing again!!! Then there is going to be a little heart and line thing going both ways in the middle. Did I get it finished you asked, dear reader, well no!! The waves have to be finished off on the last side yet. But it is getting closer!! Maybe it could get finished this year??? I think I started it 3 or 4 years ago!! So time obviously is not of the essence!! Rainbow smiles ..... Gloria


  1. I think it's beautiful Gloria...and my oh my, you've machine quilted it too!!! Talented little bunny!!!! lol Seems like I've got some catching up to do!
    XXX sugary hugs 'o)

  2. oh I love it! I'm a huge fan of the love heart!!!!!


  3. How beautiful!!! Hard to believe this is your first quilt, you did a fab job on it!!

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