Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday 23 November

Yeah....I've got photos to show.... and stories to tell! Does this sound familiar, then I guess we're showing our age!! Well it was off to Guild last Saturday. You call always tell which one is me!! The demented sewing one, that doesn't have time to stop and eat ...or drink... and it doesn't do me any good, as I don't lose any weight either!! drats... Well here is my quilt top from the round robin that we worked on for 6 months [well in my case it was 7...as I was one of those deliquents that got behind]!! I was absolutely thrilled with this dear baby!! I love chookies and roosters and I amazed myself when I saw the centre as I had forgotten what the rooster looked like. Now the top will have to go into the queue to wait for either another border [or maybe not]! and then to be quilted. Does anyone else have this burning ambition that they have to finish off their own quilts? I worry about me sometimes... lol ... as I have to do it all from woe to go!! Ah well.... Now because I can never remember how to do these blogs properly [and I haven't got the hang of that Live thing from Vicki at Tozz's Corner], I'll finish off and start again with the new bit! Rainbow smiles ...Gloria


  1. your photos look much better than mine!!!! love it darl!
    XX sugary hugs always 'o)

  2. Gloria - how I love your rainbow smiles, they brighten my day! And how I *LOVE* that darling quilt!!! It is absolutely beautiful, as is all of your work!!
    Warm, festive hugs!!! Vikki xx


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