Thursday, November 26, 2009

You've got to enter this one!

Oooohhhh.....I've just popped over to retro mummy's and shes giving away some beautiful material!!! Shhh... keep it between you and I... Just thought you might like to pop over and have a little look.... I hope that I have added the link properly..... I'll show you what I bought yesterday .... maybe tomorrow... probably Sunday!! Rainbow smiles.... Gloria

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last one today.... I promise!!

This is what I was supposed to be working on tonight .... the middle of the runner for this Saturday's Christmas swap is ready to have the borders added and the ends done!! Ah well ... I was virtuous and was working!! I even did a little bit of house work this morning [well yesterday morning]. I'm getting a little more organised. So now I will have to work on this little bargello tonight. I think it's pretty and boy how easy was this one after the complicated "pink princess". Ahh well... off to bed... now that I have caught you up on the excitements of this weekend. Goodnight dear reader.... and rainbow smiles... Gloria

Tuesday 24 November .... the story continues ...

This is my first ever quilt.... started long before I went to Quilters Guild.... and then I found out that you don't do some things..... The Quilt Police would have hauled me away... I left the selvedges on and had a merry old time. The material was two cushion cover sets that I had purchased many moons ago and they were in the pinky colour and the blue. Don't ask me why??? I guess I liked them both. But not as cushions obviously.. lol .... there they were languishing away .. until I decieded that I was going to become.... A QUILTER!! Then these little ones shone as the first attempt.... and then they languished in the
background as I wove my way through lots of others that the quilt police would approve of!! But now I have decided that my babies that are resting will be allowed out to play, and so there number is being called. So the oldest is out first! Of course being me.... I had to go right off with the first one and hand quilt it!!!!!!!! Silly me !!!!
I've shown you a little of the quilting..... it's squidgy close in some areas. What was I thinking of, you ask, dear reader??? I asked as well, when it took sooooooooo long!

Now last Saturday .... when I really should have been fininshing off the "Purple Monster", you know that it has to be backed and quilted ready to hand over in a couple of weeks ....well I think it's 2.... ooooh .... I hope it's 2 !!! Yikes I had better check some time!! Anyway... I thought well before I spread the purp... out, I'll just run around the edge of this baby and pop the binding on ... and hey presto.... finished!! Well .... no..... on eof the gurus [much more experience and such a

delightful help], informed me that I needed to quilt the border before I cut anything off and the binding would have to get in line as well!!!! Ohhhh my .... well there was no way that this was going to be a hand quilted job I can tell you. So here is what I did!! Lovely waves around the whole blessed thing..... and then more lovely waves back the other way .... almost around the whole thing again!!! Then there is going to be a little heart and line thing going both ways in the middle. Did I get it finished you asked, dear reader, well no!! The waves have to be finished off on the last side yet. But it is getting closer!! Maybe it could get finished this year??? I think I started it 3 or 4 years ago!! So time obviously is not of the essence!! Rainbow smiles ..... Gloria

Monday 23 November

Yeah....I've got photos to show.... and stories to tell! Does this sound familiar, then I guess we're showing our age!! Well it was off to Guild last Saturday. You call always tell which one is me!! The demented sewing one, that doesn't have time to stop and eat ...or drink... and it doesn't do me any good, as I don't lose any weight either!! drats... Well here is my quilt top from the round robin that we worked on for 6 months [well in my case it was I was one of those deliquents that got behind]!! I was absolutely thrilled with this dear baby!! I love chookies and roosters and I amazed myself when I saw the centre as I had forgotten what the rooster looked like. Now the top will have to go into the queue to wait for either another border [or maybe not]! and then to be quilted. Does anyone else have this burning ambition that they have to finish off their own quilts? I worry about me sometimes... lol ... as I have to do it all from woe to go!! Ah well.... Now because I can never remember how to do these blogs properly [and I haven't got the hang of that Live thing from Vicki at Tozz's Corner], I'll finish off and start again with the new bit! Rainbow smiles ...Gloria

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yep...there's more!!

Now what could this be? On the left of the table is the makings of our Guilds mystery quilt that has now been postponed until Feb next year! Drats! I'll have to put it in an another basket. I like baskets and cart lots of things around in them!! But the pieces in the foreground....well they're for a table runner that we have to make for our Christmas break up...and yelp.... that's real soon!! So it's on to this one and the poor dining room tables will have to be left just as they in progress!! I must away to bed... Have fun dear and enjoy life.... Rainbow smiles... Gloria

Friday 13 November ---Lucky for some!!'s early morning...but I'm determined to get these up on the post. This is what I am currently working on. The purple monster for the grandkids, day care mum! Purple is not my I'm living outside the square...and using all sorts of material. The backing is going to be a very heavy satin...the green of the leaves, and I must thank Jenny of Elefantz for the use of the stylised rose at the top. The suggestion came from the delectable Wendy...from Sugarlane Quilts blog. She is one of our Guild members and a very dear friend.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday 12 November - Round Robins


Well sorry dear got in the way...DH had a really bad back..I got a whopping great!! But now I can show you some of the round robins that our Guild has been working on for the past 6 months!! From the top [I'll get the hang of putting these photos where I want them soon!], is the wonderful Sandy's - I put that last border around hers and was so proud of myself. Beside hers is Annette's Christmas wall hanging and I pieced and appliqued the 5th border on hers. Eleanor's is the cherry red one and I did the border with the hearts and ribbons. Lyn started with a blue and green celtic centre and I did the celtic type border on hers -well actually Sandy helped me out by using the right type of material. My design went well...but the material frayed...don't you just hate that!! Sandy came to my rescue!! At the bottom is the first border that I did on Jill's. She wanted muted tones...and that's hard for me I realise now. My colours are always bold!! So this is me toned down. I tried to do something different on each one and stretch myself. Boy I was stretched, I can tell you!! I'll take a photo of the quilt they worked on for me and post it later. Rainbow smiles..Gloria

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday 2 Nov...November all ready!! I meant to write this last night...but ah..well. Here is what I have been working on this week. Our patchwork and quilting club [and any other hand crafts] have had this round robin of adding borders to a central block. This is my last one...and of course it is due this Saturday!! I have been dithering as it is for the delectable Sandy, who does such beautiful work...and I wanted to make a really good job of it! I have tried to try out a new technique for each quilt that I have worked on!! Sometimes with quite disasterous results....and the darling Sandy has helped me out. I used absolutely the wrong material for making bias strips on one and they sprung about everywhere....and had me pulling my hair out and wailing...I can tell you. But the lovely Sandy came to the rescue. So as not to give too much away... I have just shown part of the border that I am working on. Of course I didn't think to measure the sides and work out if the little blocks would fit...I relied on blind faith to get me there...and guess what 17 fit perfectly along the side!! Yahooo..... now of course I want the colours that I sat and put painstakingly [Sandy's hand died coloured ones.....I told you she's a whizz....didn't I?]. Anyway I have now cut out 19 for the bottom, and another 17 to go up the other side. And yes I have them in the order so although I will work down from the top...the colours will really go up from the bottom!! Yeah I know....I can sometimes do it!! Wahooo....and now all I need to do is cut the last 19 for the top... and of course get them on. I kept telling myself that the pressure was on and they had to be done by today....that way I shouldn't have to sit up Friday night finishing it off!! Well I'm off to sneak a little more stitches in....and I'll show the whole quilt top next week!! Yayy...I love it when it all comes together!! Rainbow smiles :] and cheeky grins to you .... Gloria