Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday 12 November - Round Robins


Well sorry dear got in the way...DH had a really bad back..I got a whopping great!! But now I can show you some of the round robins that our Guild has been working on for the past 6 months!! From the top [I'll get the hang of putting these photos where I want them soon!], is the wonderful Sandy's - I put that last border around hers and was so proud of myself. Beside hers is Annette's Christmas wall hanging and I pieced and appliqued the 5th border on hers. Eleanor's is the cherry red one and I did the border with the hearts and ribbons. Lyn started with a blue and green celtic centre and I did the celtic type border on hers -well actually Sandy helped me out by using the right type of material. My design went well...but the material frayed...don't you just hate that!! Sandy came to my rescue!! At the bottom is the first border that I did on Jill's. She wanted muted tones...and that's hard for me I realise now. My colours are always bold!! So this is me toned down. I tried to do something different on each one and stretch myself. Boy I was stretched, I can tell you!! I'll take a photo of the quilt they worked on for me and post it later. Rainbow smiles..Gloria

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  1. Great work on those quilts Gloria,
    I love medallion centre quilts.
    Julia ♥


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