Friday, December 11, 2009


Well today was the day!! My littlest grandkid has finished "day care". She has been with this day care mum for almost 4 years and I don't think that it has sunk in..... all the changes... she is off to Prep next year and joins here sister and brother. All now 1 year apart at school, not because of their ages, but how their birthdays fall. I digress... Margie has been day care Mum to all three and so I wanted to make her something special... And she adores, adores, adores... purple ... also pink and purple... but just make it purple first. Well here is the monster!! Purple is not top of my hit parade. I'm more of the earthy - Debbie Mumm; definitely country; leaning over towards primitive as well. So this was definitely an adventure for me!!
I really must pubicly thank Jenny of Elephantz for the use of her stylised rose at the top and also my great pal Wendy of Sugarlane Quilts for the idea of using the rose. My first thought was to plonk pansy's around the border, as to me they represent purple!!! However I'm chuffed with how the baby turned out. I wouldn't get any prizes for the crazy patch as you can see it's a bit regimented. I cheated and used lots of the fancy stitches on my machine to run over the edges. Also the embroidered roses are done on the machine as well. The fancy stitch on the second border is a machine one as well. This is the first quilt that I have free hand quilted and sooooo.... I'm not giving you a really close look!! Then....... I used satin!!! I had this nice piece of heavy lovely satin that just leant itself to the leaves.... Then the back.... well the quilt police nearly had a fit, when I used the satin on the back... I did say that it was a very heavy type of material didn't I??? Probably had been used for a bridesmaid's dress, I think?? Another glorious find...
Well the kids signed their names on paper and I stitched over it on the label at the top. So their childish signatures are saved for posterity. I really should do a quilt for myself or their Mum with their handwriting now!! That's a thought!! Anyway I popped my little label down the right hand bottom corner.... and she was set wings..... and away she flew.... Margie was a bit overwhelmed.... She thought that I had taken the 4 years to make it!!! She thought she may hang it on her wall.... but I said to use it. Anyway, it's hers now..... so the purple monster has left home..... I'm sad already!! I'm not good with my projects being finished!! But now there is a race on to make something for Christmas for my staff members. Yep... I think I work better under pressure..... or could it be I'm not well organised!! But #1 staff member has almost been finished.... no peeks... as I'm teaching her to blog [or look] and she may not get a surprise!! #2 is only new, and today I casually found out she probably likes PURPLE!! Am I being punished??? #3 has gone off Christmas and is not bothered at all!!! So something nice will have to perk her up!! Must off.... a lovely day awaits tomorrow.... my first Saturday off in over 12 months...that doesn't have Guild on....aren't I lucky!! Have arranged things that now I will only have to work 1 Saturday in 4, and that will mean that I get this lucky Saturday every month!! Yeayyyy!!! Of course I still work every Sunday :-[ , but what have I planned for this special day, you ask.... well of course I am going to finish off the pantry!!!! Oh well, I guess it will look beautiful when I finish. May even take a snap!!! Now that will spur me on...
Nightie night.... and rainbow smiles.... Gloria :]
PS..... I did hand stitch a little spiders web in one corner of the crazy patch.... so that will placate the Quilt Police


  1. The purple monster doesn't look like a monster at all...she looks beautiful and I'm sure Margie loves it!
    XX sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  2. Gloria, your purple monster looks great all finished and I can certainly believe that Margie loved it, who wouldn't.

  3. loooooove all the purple Gloria. But I'm still waiting on your details so I can post you your win. send me a buzz over at
    loveylovacious AT hotmail DOT com

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