Friday, December 11, 2009

Garage Sales

Here I am again.... boy, has it been hot today!! The storms are well and truly due..... so let it rain!! Last week end was my morning off.... and you guessed it!! That means it's a sewing day for Guild.
But first DD and I went walking from 6am to 7 am with a local group of Road Runners and Walkers......
Then..... oh Joy of joys.... off we went to the garage sales.... They are so much fun!! We even seem to have a sub culture of "garagies", and we look out for pieces for each other. Anyway there were quite a few... and just look what I scored!! This pile... firstly there were 2 bundles of 5 fat quarters each and the girl had put $6 a bundle on them!! I said "Oh joy of joys" didn't I. They are some of the bright pieces at the front. All done up as they come from the fabric store!! Well of course I snapped them up.... really quickly... then there was this other scruffy, piggledy pie stack... some of them cut... all new.. just thrown there haphazardly. So I offered $20 for the lot.... and she said YES!! When I got home and spread them all out.... this is what there was!! The pieces at the back are all over a yard, and the next row is at least 1/2 a yard... then the next two rows are fat quarters and the front row is fat eights!! Apparently the lass is not going to craft anymore... Oh silly girl.... but Oh what fun!!
Rainbow smiles..., and cheeky grins.... Gloria :}

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  1. oh I love a good garage sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky you to have some buddies to go out with!


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