Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is how the cute "little" pink baby has turned out so far! I am so proud of her....I designed her, using a pic from a mag, and I poured over the calculations, to get her just so.....but when it came to actually sewing her together from the very complicated pattern....I found that I really had forgotten to work out the length!! she is a very looong baby and just may have to become wider than I had thought....just to balance out her length. But hey....that's the fun of making things...right? To see more pics from our weekend...check out Wendy B's -!! Hers was much more manageable and soooo pretty! Well dear readers I must off and iron something for work in the morning...yes one must work if they wish to purchase materials....and threads....and well, you know....
Rainbow smiles to you all...Gloria


  1. So proud of you my friend!! Told u it could be done and I can't wait till the pink princess is finished!!
    huge sugary hugs
    Wendy XXX 'o)

  2. Hello and welcome Gloria!
    Lovely work on your bargello...I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Hi Gloria :)

    Welcome to Blogland dear friend! The quilt is turning out beautiful :)

    If you need any help blogging let me know!


  4. Looking good, look forward to seeing your progress. Welcome to blogland.

  5. Hey you! Bout time! And, it looks great!
    I am really looking forward to seeing you very own designed quilt come to life!
    x Sarah


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